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Hey ghosts,
The scary, the daunting, the intimidating ones
Who surround me.
You haunt me and scare me.
But I wanna be your friend,
I wanna listen to your tales, your boos, your life before you were dead.

Dear ghost,
The friendless, the translucent, the afraid one,
That lives in my mind.
You listen to me and my whims
And you pardon me for my inaccuracies
In describing you,
But I wear your see-through
veil as I slither around the corner of my room
Seeing some of our kind
In groups
But you and I are lonely
And we’ll find solace in each other’s tales.

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Anime movies that will make you cry

Sometimes the deepest desires are met with intense emotions that might boil up and come out in the form of tears. Sometimes, we just need to feel such emotions and cry along with the characters we are watching. Anime offers such great stories that are bound to leave a hole in your heart, foggy eyes but a feeble smile, expressing your satisfaction.

If you want to experience such deep emotions and shed your precious tears, then I have a list of such Anime movies!

Koe no katachi (A silent voice)

Shoya Ishida bullied Shoko Nishimiya, a girl with hearing impairment, during their school days. But this bullying backfires and Shoya becomes an outcast in senior secondary school. The story follows these two and some of their friends as they discover themselves and forgive each other.

This is one of the greatest movies I have ever watched and not just in anime! This is not just a bullying story showcasing mere redemption arcs but so much more.

Kotonoha no Niwa (The garden of words)

Takao Akizuki is a 15 year old student who misses school to sketch shoe designs in a garden, there he encounters Yukari Yukino, a 27 year old woman who was also skippingKoto work. The story progresses to show both of them sharing their struggles and daily demons. This movie is just so visually pleasing and poetic in nature that you will be at a loss of words. Also, the ending will definitely make you tear up.

I want to eat your pancreas

Now, I understand if you creep out a little by reading the title, but after you watch this movie believe me you will understand it properly and its significance. This movie shows the lives of Haruki Shiga, an introvert in his class and a girl called Sakura Yamauchi, who is discovered to be suffering from some chronic disease that will soon take her life. They become friends and the story begins. It is so heart melting and the ending is sure to make you cry!

Hotarubi no mori e (To the forest of firefly lights)

This movie narrates the story of a 6 year old girl named Hotaru Takegawa, who ventures into the forest and eventually gets lost to meet a person but in actuality a spirit named Gin, who constantly wears a mask. He warns her to not touch him, otherwise he will disappear. The story plays as Hotaru grows up and the upcoming romantic tension these two face. Again, the ending will leave you in pieces.

These were some of my recs, tell me if you have got any! Also, tell me if you’ve watched any of it. Till then,


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Sound of familiarity

I genuinely don’t know why I am writing this, but to make any sense, it is just something that I came up with while trying to sleep at night.

The familiar voice trailed away and slowly but gradually faded into the nothingness of night. I woke up from the daze to follow the voice or even the slightest hint of whisper that was left of on the open ended roads. I looked up at the bare sky out of habit, to the moon, the clouds covering the most part of it, but the moon doesn’t sing. Does it? It just stays to shelter our thoughts when it becomes too overwhelming to be handled by us alone. I felt as if the voice had turned a corner and so as a child following a childish whim to catch her unfulfilled lullaby, I followed to catch the voice. I turned a corner to find an old radio playing a song that was once on my tongue almost every time. The sound was now just a fleeting buzz trying to keep up with its lively lyrics but slowly fading and dying away. I turned off the radio and went back into my daily life.

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Sweet bean paste | My thoughts

Remember last time I told you all how I have read only one book in 2021 till now, well it seems like that I have finished reading another little one! (Big surprise). The general reason being that it was a really small book that is quite easy to get through and I had nothing else to do.

Author: Durian Sukegawa

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A sweet premise:

To start off, let me tell you about the premise, so it starts with a Dorayaki (a Japanese sweet dish) shop owner, Sentaro, who has been released from prison and has a troubled past. He has an aspiring dream of becoming a writer but now he feels everything crumbling down. But soon after an old lady, Tokue enters into his life and everything changes.

My thoughts:

I believe that this book is a good example of a quintessential Japanese story. The story is smooth pacing and the emotions feel real.

Though, the story goes onto some crucial and darker topics as the story progresses, the writing is not overwhelming at all. It all goes around as coherently and smoothly as the seasons change throughout the story.

Sentaro is realistic in his approach towards everyone and particularly portrays the apathetic emotions of a troubled person. The slow change in his behaviour and attitude towards life also occurs as Tokue comes into his life.

Tokue has been portrayed as a person who has learnt through pain and sorrow to live with her miseries and see the good in everything.

Would I recommend this?                           

Yes, please. This book has dealt with such emotional and dark topics in such a subtle way that it feels real. Also, the magic in daily mundanity has been properly portrayed.

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Reading “Little Women” and having a jolly time

After trying quite hard to read something and make my tiny brain expand in terms of knowledge about this world and also my limited vocabulary, I actually finished my first book of 2021 just last month. But nevertheless, it was actually worthwhile or in the words of Jo March –had a capital time!

A little premise:

Okay, so little women for those of you who don’t know is about the March family consisting of four sisters – Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy and their mother and a maid as well as cook. The father of these sisters was out in the war field and thus the story begins when they befriend their neighbour, Laurie.

My thoughts on characters:

I really like these girls. Jo is my fab but Beth is a darling. I just can’t get enough of her. All of these characters have such unique characteristics that makes them what they are. But apart from this, they show some other traits which makes them all so appealing. Like, they are not just the stereotypical traits they are initially describes as –Meg the motherly one, Jo the tomboyish one, Beth the kind one, and Amy the little one but with an air of importance, but so much more.

Louis May Alcott’s writing makes me feel so cuddled up in a blanket and gives me the vibe of good times, if that ever existed.

Well, now to talk about Laurie, well he in my opinion, the charming but also a bit bitter but a dear friend of the March’s. He is really an actual ally of the March family in the times of crisis.

And Marmee is just an ideal and loving mother. I really liked Marmee’s character in the sense that she was a balance of all of her children. I like the way she condoles Jo while she was having a bad day (in the Jo meets Apollyon chapter).

And Mr Laurence is one of my faves. His relationship each and every character is different and likeable in its own way. I specifically, liked his relationship with Beth. (I absolutely adored the chapter, Beth finds the palace beautiful).

My general thought on the book:

I really really liked this book a lot, not gonna lie. The book made me feel so warm and comfortable as if I am wrapped around in a blanket sitting near the hearth kin the March’s house watching their daily adventures.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely! This book is all you need to set your mood alright. Also, I am really surprised that I enjoyed a classic, cause’ I thought that day would never come. This could be given to the fact that this book is written pretty much in an easy to comprehend way, and it was easy to go through.

I will especially recommend it reading this book during these difficult times when all we want is a warm hug. And I assure you, this book will give you many!

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Why this blog?

Oh well,

It wasn’t long ago when I had the sudden feeling that I was living a worthless life. It wasn’t a result of watching boatload of anime (Naruto specifically) and finding out that we require a purpose in order to live a worthy life, but a dormant feeling that had been lingering inside my head for too long and now had come out.

So, soon after I had this feeling, I googled what should be done in such a scenario. I searched awhile but couldn’t find anything specific to suit my interests, instead stared at the screen watching YouTube shorts. Then by grace of some divine power a news highlight flashed on the top of my phone screen stating (I’m paraphrasing) -10 ways to improve your blog in 2021. And the rest is history.

Well, in this blog, I’d like to chat about the TV shows, movies, and anime I have watched and also, the books I have read and some recommended enough but still haven’t. So, the next time I appear, maybe we could discuss about our fav stories over coffee?

Till then,